Geek Code 3.12 CODEC
Copyright © 2001-2002 nmr <>

A geek code generator that generates 3.12 compatible geek code block. It lets you add your real age and many other functions not seen in other geek code generators. The geek code block is formatted dynamically, nicely, shown on screen and stored in a file.

gccodec is currently written in Fortran 77. It has so far only been tested in DOS and Windows. It should also be able to compile on other platforms that support Fortran 77 or 95. I'll post executable version of gccodec on other platforms soon.

Please let me know if you manage to compile gccodec on any other platform. If possible, drop a copy of the executable at my mailbox.


Geek Code 3.12 CODEC Binary

 Geek Code 3.12 CODEC (build 110) binary Dos/Win32 57kb

Geek Code 3.12 CODEC Source

 Geek Code 3.12 CODEC (build 110) source Fortran 77 39kb

Geek Code 3.12 CODEC Binary & Source

 Geek Code 3.12 CODEC (build 110) binary & source Dos/Win32 95kb
 Geek Code 3.12 CODEC (build 100) binary & source Dos/Win32 40kb

Finally, if you would like to help with the development of gccodec, drop by the gccodec sourceforge project page.


The Geek Code
telnet7 - gccodec's main page


My geek code generated with GCCODEC

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